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Line drawing graphic of a down arrow and box.The Know Diabetes by Heart initiative supports quality improvement efforts by engaging directly with hospitals and outpatient clinics to better serve patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Join the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association in comprehensively combating the national public health impact of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease by:
  • Supporting health care providers in educating their patients living with type 2 diabetes on cardiovascular risk and increasing their patients’ engagement in prevention of cardiovascular deaths, heart attacks and strokes.
  • Helping us raise awareness and understanding of the link between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Positively empowering people to better manage their risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Your support can make an impact in improving the outcomes of your patients. Keep up-to-date with timely resources and guidelines.

AHA and ADA Diabetes Science

Professional Education

While the AHA Guidelines and the ADA’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes were developed independently from Know Diabetes by Heart, the initiative offers webinars and other non-CME education for health care providers, including professional podcast series, tools and resources to support adherence to guidelines and a tracking survey for providers. Additionally, health care providers can download the AHA Guidelines-on-the-Go mobile app and the ADA’s Standards of Care mobile app.

Online Activities

Clinical Review – Primary Care is an online interactive study guide focusing on current guidelines and scientific evidence supporting management of cardiovascular risk in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Read through patient cases and test your knowledge.


The Know Diabetes by Heart Roll-Out and Implementation Guide provides guidance and resources to seamlessly incorporate the Know Diabetes by Heart initiative into your current health system activities. This initiative is intended to be flexible and can be adapted to support the unique needs of your health system. Download and get started.

Consumer Resources