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If you’re new to type 2 and feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. It’s normal to have a little fear and a lot of questions about it. Your diagnosis doesn’t define you, though. Just being here proves that you’re ready to take charge of your health! There’s a lot you can do to live healthier and learning how to manage your increased risk of stroke and heart disease is one of the best places to begin. Let’s make it happen!

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Christina Herrera

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Teaming Up

Line drawing graphic of a teamHow to play an active role in your health care if you have diabetes to minimize your heart risk – Know Diabetes by Heart.
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Where to Begin

Line drawing graphic of a down arrow and boxWhere can you begin your heart care journey?
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Ask the Experts

Line drawing graphic of a speech bubble with question markQ&A series created to help tackle issues commonly faced by people living with diabetes.
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Ambassador Christina Herrera’s Story

Line drawing graphic of a personDallas teacher trains for 10K after heart attack.
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