Tips For Your Heart Care Journey

When you have type 2 diabetes, it can be overwhelming to manage so many things. That’s why we’ve designed the Know Diabetes by Heart Initiative™ to help your heart care journey be easier than ever.

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    Having an ongoing conversation with your doctor makes life with type 2 diabetes easier. Check out this guide so you know what to ask.

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Check out our free resources to start your heart care journey.

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    Check in with your doctor regularly. Ask about your heart health.

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    Continue healthy eating habits. Add fruits, veggies, and whole grains as an easy way to increase fiber. The benefits of a higher fiber diet include lower cholesterol and better blood sugar management.

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    Stay moving. Walking alone or with a friend, is a great way to stay active.

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    Self-care can be heart care. Lowering your stress is good for your mind and body.

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    Quit smoking. For ALL the right reasons.

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    Monitor your blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and kidney function.

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    Take medication(s) as prescribed.




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